Success Stories

I started my rehab at Newbury Park Physical Therapy in August of 2013 due to injuries suffered automobile accident. Having been to numerous clinics and enduring hours of "one size fits all" sort of treatments for an assortment of other injuries prior, I felt pretty confident that I already knew the "drill". No matter the affected body part, the therapists followed the same routine. Thirty minutes of ultrasound, ice and hot packs on a treatment table. This time I was proven wrong when I was paired with Alicia Swan at my first appointment. Alicia's approach was different than that of any physical therapist I had visited previously and the atmosphere in the clinic was not that of an assembly line.

Everyone I met was friendly and even though my appointment was very late in the day, Alicia treated me as though I was the only patient she had seen. She spent an incredible amount of time performing a thorough initial evaluation. She was also able to answer all of my questions and address all of my concerns. By the end of that first session I had gone from dreading what I thought was going to be a waste of time, to feeling how fortunate I was to have found someone who understood what I was dealing with and was knowledgeable enough to fix it Alicia is compassionate, patient, caring, funny, smart and dedicated to her work, family and friends. She has the unique gift to care for and treat the whole patient and the physical injury they present. Almost two and a half years later, her countless hours of hard work, encouragement and patience, support and all of the extra things that she does are a huge reason that I am where I am today. Through all of the surgeries and other setbacks, she has never given up on me even though there were times that I was ready to give up on myself.

Denis is phenomenal. His knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. He was able to fit me into his busy schedule and treat the fractures in my lower back and my surgically reconstructed right elbow. It is thanks to his ongoing efforts and suggested workouts that I have been able to avoid back surgery!!! I have also regained most of the range of motion in an elbow that surprised even one of the most prominent specialists in the country who had recommended elbow replacement surgery.

I have never worked with a personal trainer before, but after seeing the results Carols clients got and how highly she was recommended, I felt very lucky she was willing to take me on. Carol is the epitome of combining tough love while being all about helping her clients achieve their goals. She is so graceful while demonstrating the exercises to me, that even though I resemble the Lego man her patience never waivers. She has gotten me to try things I never thought possible and with her encouragement and positive attitude eventually and, although not pretty, have successful completed. She makes me laugh and I know that even as she tries to keep from laughing at me, (most times), that's the reason she has to briefly step out of the room (just kidding). Carol, you're awesome and I hope you know how much of a difference you have made.

Denis and Bernie have assembled the most talented and experienced team of therapists that provide the best care and treatment in Ventura County. With NPPT I have experienced firsthand that they do indeed "walk the walk and talk the talk." I can't say enough about how much I appreciate all you have done for me and helping me to return to the life that I almost lost. Someone once said, "It takes a village..." In my case that village became and still is Newbury Park Physical Therapy.

Diane Huddleson

I have had several injuries that required Physical Therapy. NPPT was one of the groups that were recommended to me and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Over the years as these injuries occurred, I was sent to other therapists, with mixed results. I have returned to NPPT and depend upon their expertise. I will not stray from their guiding ways again. The staff at NPPT is professional, courteous and concerned about my well being. They are interested in resolving the problem; they show me how to reduce the chance of injury and work closely to see that my concerns are addressed."

Doug Tapking

"On the recommendation of a colleague, I sent a few patients to NPPT. I was impressed at the global view of care, patient feedback and improvement. I personally had seen three physical therapists for my back and neck, and decided to try this facility with little hope of help. I was immediately impressed by Denis' quality of physical exam - better than many neurologists, and knowledge base. It was clear he was not working by rote but thinking as he examined me. Over time, I was successfully able to avoid surgery for a large ruptured disc. I continued to work with the personal trainer, Carol. While I did so, I was also under the watchful eye of the owners Denis and Bernie, who made suggestions to make sure I was doing exercises right,continually made further suggestions as I progressed. I owe the whole team a debt of gratitude. I am further impressed by the impact the neuro and senior fitness classes have made for my patients in promoting fitness and functionality. I highly recommend Newbury Park Physical Therapy."

Christine E. Dahlin, M.D.

"When I developed sciatica when I was 6 months pregnant, I thought I'd be in a wheelchair and incapacitated for the rest of my pregnancy. The pain was so debilitating that I could hardly move. My doctor prescribed physical therapy twice a week and referred me to Alicia at Newbury Park Physical Therapy. I was amazed at how much better I felt after just one session with Alicia! She is amazing and knew just what to do to help my condition improve and keep me moving! Even when the baby would move around and change positions, she would change her approach and kept coming up with different exercises/ stretches to try and kept me feeling great throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. With her help I was able to not only feel better, but keep working and taking care of my toddler right up until I had my daughter. Honestly, I tell every pregnant person I meet now about Alicia and would recommend her to anyone suffering from pelvic or low back pain!"

Angie Schuyler

"Dear Ms. Thomas and Mr. Dempsey,

Aarti Prajapati was my physical therapist from approximately the middle of December 2013 to the end of January 2014 for problems I was having with my shoulders. I would like to let you know my feelings about the treatment she provided.

She began each session with a review of how I had been feeling since the previous one and took notes each time. Each therapy session reflected what she had been told. What I particularly appreciated, however, was her explanations of what she was doing and why she was doing it and what the exercises she gave me to do between sessions were intended to accomplish. Although she was friendly and liked to chat, she remained entirely professional throughout.

I obviously feel she is an asset to your facility. The fact that therapy was generally successful is a plus. But, even if it hadn't been, my feelings about how she conducted herself and how she provided it would remain the same."

John Snyder


I wish to thank you for the past 6 weeks of treatment for my knee that had been giving me problems. I came in not being able to walk very well and your treatment process gave me full use of my knee functions without pain and now I feel like I can walk as well as I could before the problem occurred. It was painful to walk normally, turning over at night always woke me up in pain. I could not negotiate stairs very well. I had trouble getting in and out of the car, especially the passenger's side because I had to twist my knee and leg to enter and exit. I even gave up driving the car because it was too painful to transfer my foot between the brake and gas peddles. Your treatment and exercises were what I needed and I feel I have a new lease on life as it should be enjoyed. Thanks again."

John Adams

"NPPT has a positive and caring staff, that will stand beside you with encouragement and support as you journey toward health and healing. I have been to other therapy providers that did not listen to my needs and I felt as if I was at an impersonal therapy mill. My condition was only aggravated, not helped.

I was reluctant to try therapy again for my chronic condition but my physician highly recommended NPPT, as he had personally used them. He was right! They are amazing and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time!

I also recommend the NPPT Health & Wellness classes. The classes provide the perfect "bridge" to get back to an active life after physical therapy for illness or injury."

Gretchen Pereira

"I have not been able to move this well in months, if not years. When I began treatment I could not run and I thought something was seriously wrong with me. It scared me very much. To be honest, I did not think that therapy would help me, but I was wrong. I feel 100% better and the best part is that I can run again. Until you lose that ability, you don't know how scary it can be. I highly recommend Tim and the rest of the team at NPPT."

Daniel Oppenheim

"I'm now stronger and healthier thanks to Alicia at Newbury Park Physical Therapy. With an L5 fusion in 2009 and a neck injury in 2015 I have been treated at NPPT for both of those issues, by Alicia. Each session she made me feel like I was her only patient. She has a great balance of being personal while displaying professionalism with her craft. She really listened to me about my body and pushed me when I needed to be pushed. She provided accurate and timely progress reports to me doctors. I will continue to use Alicia in the future."

Jason Cardenas

"Denis and Bernie,

Just want to send you and your group a big thanks for the work you all did in getting me back in the game again. Since I finished with my physical therapy from your shop, I have had some pretty good success. Over the last 3 months I have placed 12 at the Kiwanis race, won the Arroyo Creek 10 K race in Simi Valley, 3rd in my division in the Channel Islands harbor race with a time of 41:44 and this last weekend I won my division (19th overall) in the Oxnard Salsa 10K race."

Thanks again!!

"Dear Bernie,

I am pleased to report the very high praise you received from Carole Gerbovaz. She could not stop talking about your dedication, your attention to detail and the excellent care you provide her as her physical therapist.

I want to thank you very much for providing such superlative care and I plan to refer more patients who may need your services in the near future.

Please accept my compliments."

Moustapha Abou-Samra, M.D.

"Dear Newbury Park Physical Therapy,

I want to take this time to thank you for getting my legs back is shape so I can once again run marathons and other road races. A couple of years ago my right leg became injured and I spent over a year in and out of other physical therapy offices, doctor and chiropractic offices with no relief in sight. It wasn't until I ventured into your office and had your excellent staff work on my legs that they were able to feel normal again. Since finishing my last physical therapy treatment at your office, I have dropped my race per mile pace back down below 7 minutes and will me running a 24 hour relay race around Lake Tahoe this coming June.

When asked by my friends at work as to what organization helped me back to running, I always tell them about my great experience at Newbury Park Physical Therapy and how much you helped me out.

Thanks again for getting me back to running."

Jim Jacobs
Marathon Runner from Camarillo, CA

"When I first came to Newbury Park Physical Therapy two months ago, I was constantly in pain from arthritis and inactive because of my fears of reinjuring my back after two recent surgeries. Alicia Swan has been a phenomenal help and blessing to me, working not only on getting my joints and muscles moving again, but perhaps even more so in rebuilding my confidence and changing my mindset about reinjuring my lower back. The benefits were immediately felt, and I have seen steady and, to my mind at least, remarkable progress since then. Alicia has been amazing in building up a program for me and graciously supportive through all of it. To me, it has been life altering. I feel better than I have in several years, and, while not pain free, I now know what to do about it and how to keep that beast in its proper cage. In addition to Alicia, the entire staff were supportive and friendly. I would highly recommend any of them to you, these people know what they are doing."

Gary Menger

"Bernardine, words alone can not fully express the tremendous gratitude I have for both you and the entire staff at Newbury Park Physical Therapy in getting me back into shape after not ONE but TWO total hip replacement operations (both sides) last year. I have been and remain able to do damn near anything I want to do and could do before my arthritis forced my replacements. I bike, ski and play table tennis as well or better than before. My weight is slightly higher, but my waist size remains the same, indicating to me increased muscle mass in my legs and upper body, thanks to the exercises you showed me at the gym.

I must mention the staff at NPPT, as they are such an excellent team. Everyone of them is always smiling, always willing to help any therapist or patient at any time and always looking for something to do to be helpful, either to a patient or to the upkeep of the facility. This attribute was noticeable from day one. Being recognized and addressed by name from the moment you first walk in the door till your last goodbye made NPPT a very special place."

Alan Friedman


p>"Please send my special thanks to Rich Heinz and all assistants in your office.

When I came to your office for my neck pain, I was very worried and confused. No one, including my surgeon, could tell me what went wrong and why my neck pain came back after about one year of my operation. Rich helped me not only build my muscle strength to reduce the pain, but also to have the confidence of my recovery. His knowledge and expertise made my treatments very successful.

All other people in the office were very friendly. They made us, the patients, feel at home in your clinic.

Thank you all, I really appreciated the help I got from you and will recommend your place to others."

X. - K. Liu

I have had lower back problems most of my life. I finally sought professional help when the pain became too much to bare a couple years ago. I was referred to your office by my GP. I was greeted by your front office staff who were very professional and nice. I saw Alicia Swan, she was fantastic! She took the time to explain what she was going to do and was very attentive and extremely knowledgable. I have not had that excruciating back pain since, and if I do feel like I am having a flare up, I know exactly what stretches to do and that I need to ice the area in order to get relief. Thank you Newbury Park Physical Therapy and thank you Alicia Swan for helping me!

Jennifer A.

"I am a runner. After visiting Newbury Park Physical Therapy, my ankles were more flexible and my feet felt they had more range of motion. After recovering from a foot injury, I am now a better runner than before. The therapists make you feel right at home and show a genuine concern for getting you better."

"My knee pain is gone, I'm sleeping again and the quality of my life is greatly improved. Thank you Sue for your expertise and professionalism."

Jeanne C.

"Very good experience! Professional, courteous, and focused on getting me better in the most appropriate way."

Carl Adams

"Excellent rehab and strengthening program, no more ankle pain when I run. Thank you NPPT, keep up the good work."

Tyler Sebastian

"Excellent care every visit. Helped me regain full use of my hand. Increased mobility, decreased pain, goals achieved."

James Randle

"Within five minutes Alicia determined the cause of my severe neck and back spasms that had eluded proper treatment for years. She greatly decreased my pain immediately and provided exercises that have kept the spasms from recurring. I have full confidence in all of the NPPT therapists; they seem to have a deeper understanding."

Vicki Thon

"Denis was able to free my body in a way no one else could. I now function with more comfort, ease, and grace than I have had in years. I am forever indebted to his magical hands."

Ruth Fisher

"NPPT provides the highest standard of service performed by the best therapists and support staff possible. It was such a gift being relieved of my shoulder and back pain. I am forever grateful to Rich and the NPPT staff."

Angela Hoogland

"I attribute my recovery to the excellent care and attention Rich and the talented support staff have provided. I have progressed from wheelchair to walker to cane. I am totally satisfied with my experience at NPPT. I highly recommend NPPT to my family and friends."

John Cottriel

"I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care everyone showed to me during my recent treatment at your facility.

Before I came to you I was in excruciating pain and I was feeling completely helpless in my mobility. When I left after about 10 sessions, I was feeling great and with almost no pain. I'm happy to say that I continue to do my recommended exercises and I'm feeling consistently better.

I'd like to particularly thank Tim Keunn who provided me with the best care and for relieving my pain. He was able to diagnose and target the spinal and hip "good spots" responsible for my pain and he tailored the right treatment plan for my therapy.

Thanks to Tim and his assistant staff. Without their help, my rehabilitation would not have occurred, so you can imagine how grateful I am. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism."

Elias Agel, Ph.D.