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Physical Therapy Services

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Orthopedic and Neurologic Conditions

Injuries occur at some time to most people. They can be from accidental events, disease, or from subtle damage due to wear and tear that occurs over long periods of time. Treatment of the different injuries begins with a comprehensive individualized evaluation. After a detailed history is taken, the therapist evaluates the patient's ability to perform specific movements or appropriate tasks. Once the problems are identified, an individualized treatment plan is developed for the correction of these problems. This involves a hands-on approach to correct the things that are causing pain, limiting function or performance at a higher level.

Our therapists are skilled at identifying the subtle changes in the body and its environment and at choosing the best exercises and procedures. Our hands-on approach, along with in-depth patient education, has been proven very successful.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Everyone, when injured or in pain, wants to know four things:

  1. What is wrong?
  2. How long will it take to resolve or how long will it last?
  3. What can I do for it?
  4. And finally what can you (and the clinician working with you) do for it?

It is self evident that patients who get appropriate answers will be more satisfied, feel less threatened and be able to cope better (Butler and Moseley, 2014). Chronic pain is the greatest burden in regards to health care cost to our society. In America, chronic pain costs more than diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer treatment combined.

The clinicians at NPPT vow to take an honest and active role in helping patients struggling with this tough problem through education and understanding, by answering all of the above mentioned questions and by helping the patient understand not only what they can do for their problem but to actually take the time and educate them about their pain and understand the biology behind their symptoms. The evidence over the last ten years about the right medical education in helping people with Chronic Pain is mounting.

For more information about Education models and Chronic Pain please click here.


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For more information on chronic pain visit our Chronic Pain Resource

Pre and Postnatal Orthopedic Impairments

During pregnancy, many postural changes occur slowly as the fetus grows in size often times leading to varying levels of aches and pains for many women. This can be a frightening time, especially for those who are experiencing their first pregnancy.

Through appropriate physical therapy intervention we are often able to relieve or eliminate pain and dysfunction associated with orthopedic issues during and post pregnancy. Issues may involve spine and rib joint inflammation, muscle spasms, sacroiilitis (pelvic joint inflammation) due to ligamentous laxity of the pelvic girdle, and sciatica.

Treatment may involve massage, neuromuscular exercise re-education to stabilize the pelvic girdle, low-grade joint mobilizations in conjunction with home exercises. Goals of treatment also include functional improvement as well an education for self care. It is such a magical time that should not be overshadowed by unnecessary pain.

Sports Medicine

Our community is very sports oriented. There are "weekend warriors", endless youth programs, along with high school and college athletic programs. The therapists at NPPT have an extensive background in sports, and a vast knowledge of the injuries that occur. This experience aids the therapists in not only rehabilitating the injured athlete, but enhancing the athlete's performance using the latest in techniques and philosophy.

Many athletes have benefited from specific sports rehabilitation programs at NPPT. The athletes we work with range from young to old, amateur to professional.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

The TMJ (jaw joint) disorders are treated by physical therapists via manual interventions, modalities and neuromuscular re-education. We are able to assess the muscular involvement typically related to stress, clenching or grinding of the teeth, poor joint mechanics of the jaw and upper cervical spine, as well as, postural imbalances often associated with this diagnosis. Through the combined techniques of:

  1. Manual treatments, including joint mobilization & massage,
  2. Exercises for postural strengthening and stretching, and
  3. Re-education of the jaw joint mechanics (opening and closing) and tongue positioning we have had great success with treating this disorder.
Vestibular and Balance Disorders

The body's ability to balance is dependent on vision, muscle and joint and inner ear (or vestibular) function. When there is a problem with any of these functions, a person can develop vertigo or balance problems. The vestibular rehabilitation program at NPPT involves comprehensive assessment of posture, balance, movement and visual systems. A plan is developed that includes exercises and/or treatment designed to improve vertigo, balance and inner ear function. As balance improves, so will muscle tension, nausea, headaches and fatigue often associated with vestibular disorders. For more information on vestibular and balance disorders you can go to www.vestibular.org.

Pelvic Health

Are You Suffering in Silence?

Many women and men have unique pelvic floor conditions that significantly impact their lives and don’t know where to turn. In many cases there is a solution.

Our experts have helped many individuals with pelvic pain and dysfunction by implementing our unique treatment methodology of patient education, manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and modalities to achieve fast and long-lasting results for our patients.

We understand and have successfully treated a variety of pelvic floor conditions affecting women and men.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

There are a number of pediatric diagnoses that can benefit from the services of our highly trained pediatric physical therapists.

Here is a list of the conditions that we have experience treating:

  • Orthopedic Conditions
  • Scoliosis
  • Gait Abnormalities
    • In Toeing
    • Out Toeing
    • Toe Walking
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Torticollis

Initially, our pediatric specialists thoroughly evaluate, listen and work with you, your child and referring physician to determine the most important goals for your child.

Working as a team is truly essential to your child's success. Weekly sessions involving you and your child coupled with individualized instruction on activities that will help your child reach their full potential and specific treatment goals.