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Pilates Mat Classes

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Our Pilates program is unique in that it combines the benefits of the Pilates philosophy of optimal control and precision of movement with traditional physical therapy manual and exercise techniques to reduce pain and enhance function. Pilates is an exercise approach that focuses on six key principles; centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow.

These principles are used to teach the mind to control our body movement by optimizing muscular strength and stability. Our Pilates program includes an extensive evaluation by a Physical therapist and development of an individualized plan of Pilates work and manual techniques. Sessions are tailored to the client using Pilates equipment and progress toward self-reliance.

Pricing Options
  • Group Yoga/Pilates/Fitness (10 pack) - $150.00
  • Group Yoga/Pilates/Fitness (Unlimited) - $129.00
  • Individual Single Class (one group training, group yoga, group Pilates) - $15.00
  • Private Yoga/Pilates/Training (10 pack) - $700.00
  • Individual Private Yoga/Pilates/Training - $80.00
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